Teeny Tiny Happy

How can something so teeny tiny offer so much happy?

The answer is simple…the real source of happy is not teeny tiny, it’s as big & beautiful as the universe : happy comes from your very own heart & soul! All these teeny tiny happy cards do is to remind you…to lighten your heart, to play, to be gentle with yourself & others, to drop expectations & to look for the highest & best good in every situation.

Teeny Tiny Happy consists of 44 teeny tiny cards (1.5" square!) and a teeny tiny booklet, all tucked into a teeny tiny cotton drawstring pouch (just 3" x 4"). Small enough and cute enough to tuck into any purse or pocket, have a set at home and a set for on the road! Always have an extra set ready, to give to a friend who needs a dose of fresh-baked happy; Teeny Tiny Happy is sized and priced right to be able to keep a few on hand!

$ 9.95