“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”  – F. M. Alexander


Yes, positive habits bring positive experiences! That’s what ah! positive publishing is all about: practical tools for positive living.

Amy Hall of ah! positive publishing

ah! positive publishing creates simple and useful tools to enhance everyday life, emphasizing these principles of wholesome living:


  • affirmations
  • gratitude
  • meditation
  • compassion
  • unity with nature


These actions and attitudes are cornerstones of positive living and transformation, known to wisdom traditions for millennia.

A lifetime of marveling at the outrageous, awesome abundance of the universe led writer and designer Amy Hall (that’s me!) to express this wonder through a growing line of practical tools for positive living: ah! positive publishing was born. By creating unique and powerful tools based on these principles, I hope to inspire insight, wholeness, and growth...wherever one is on the path.

Deepak Chopra creating affirmation

So what does ah! refer to? ah! is... 

…the exhale of deep relaxation
…the exclamation of discovery
…the expression of realization
…the observance of wonder

At right: Deepak Chopra creates an affirmation with The Affirmation Creation Kit!

ah! positive publishing has been featured in:

Positively PresentElevated ExistenceThe Wave Holistic Journal

Science of MindCommon Ground Magazine

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Photo of Amy Hall by Israel Valencia • Infinity Visuals